Interview: Prasad Ranadive

EventLinked Echo Blog Interview
Prasad Ranadive
Founder & Director, Adsurf Media

Today, we’re in conversation with Prasad Ranadive – Founder & Director, Adsurf Media. He is a serial entrepreneur with a digital bent of mind; always trying to make a difference in whatever he does. Following are questions asked to him by Team EventLinked (EL) along with his responses:


EL: As a founder of a startup, which is your go-to medium to reach out to your target audience and why?
PR: More often than not, it’s a personal visit that breaks the ice and clinches the deal, but the second best has to be networking forums like events.


EL: What is your take on Events as a medium?
PR: It’s a great medium to showcase your product with a one-on-one discussion with your target audience.


EL: In what way do you think Events can help startups such as yours?
PR: They can help in reaching out to your potential clients and also establishing yourself as an evangelist and a thought leader.


EL: What changes do you wish to see in the Events industry?
PR: The industry needs to be more result oriented rather than just forget and sleep after the event.


EL: What is your message for Event Organizers?
PR: Get more creative in involving the stakeholders and improving the ROI for the event.


EL: Of all the events that you have attended in personal and professional capacity, which is your favourite event and why?
PR: Ad:Tech and Tech Crunch because of the value addition it offers to your knowledge base, making your experience richer.


EL: What is your take on EventLinked?
PR: EventLinked has a huge potential to fill the gap and live upto the expectations of the industry.


Prasad Ranadive can be reached via LinkedIn.

Please note: the opinions expressed in this interview are those of the respondent and do not reflect the views of the company to which he is affiliated.