Interview: Reshma Krishnamurthy

Event Linked Interview with Reshma Krishnamurthy
Reshma Krishnamurthy
Founder, Mums and Stories

Reshma Krishnamurthy is an independent writer, blogger and a storyteller. She is also the founder of a community-driven platform called ‘Mums and Stories’. Following is her interview with Team EventLinked (EL).


EL: Please tell us about your startup ‘Mums and Stories’.
RK: Mums and Stories is a community driven platform where we seek to connect, inspire and engage with our audience. We take pride in being one of the first to bring out curated experiences for mums and kids. We are a small startup focusing on two verticals at present:

We publish true stories on, our publishing platform.
Over 200 stories are published after detailed interactions on email, telecons and face to face meetings. Many of our stories have been re-published on select platforms after permission.
Right from stay at home mums to entrepreneurs, mums with physical disabilities to mums who are bloggers, athletes, writers, chefs, singers… acid attack fighters becoming mums, successful individuals talking on their journeys and paying a tribute to their mums or mums with children having special needs, our stories have been highly varied, interesting and inspiring.

We also organize events for mothers and children.
Like our stories, our events have been varied too. We have organized Story book picnics, games for children, festival specials, Bloggers meet, Hug a Tree campaign, Workshop for parents of teenagers to handle the adolescent years, dance and fitness events and Mum Talks.


EL: How has Events, as a medium, helped users of Mums and Stories?
RK: Events have been a direct medium of expression and interaction with our audience. It has surely helped us connect and create a sustainable form where we are able to bring new interesting stories and experiences.


EL: What are the challenges/ pain points that you face as an event organizer?
RK: The success of a particular event depends on a lot of factors and many times these are not really in your hands. We have organized free and constantly organize multitude of experiences for children and mums, of which some events are ticketed too.
Sometimes the timing of the event or the lack of interest of the audience for highly insightful events can make the organizer feel low about it. Yet one should remember that continuous efforts are required to build a sustained audience. So it is not recommended to give up or go low key on initiatives. The key factor is continuity.
Sometimes one tries to introduce a new concept and it may not work with the audience. We have learnt a few hard lessons too and now we try and ensure we are capable to gauge the pulse of the audience as to whether they might like it or not. It is not easy and we are still learning, even after 21 events.


EL: Compared to other media, such as Print, Radio, TV etc., what do you like about Events?
RK: Obviously the feedback is instant and you know whether you have connected with those who were present at the event. Print, Radio,Television or even Online takes time to give you feedback on whether it did work for your audience or not.


EL: What changes do you wish to see in the Events space in India/ Bengaluru?
RK: Bangalore is one of those few cities that encourages offbeat events or events for a closed group of even 5 members. More event spaces will come up and event organizers will bring innovative events to set a benchmark in keeping their quality standards.


EL: We noticed brands such as SIP Abacus and Motherhood feature in a few of your events. How did you go about getting Mums and Stories associated with them? Was the process simple or tedious?
RK: As long as you are able to offer value to the brands that associate with you, it is possible to get into collaborations, partnerships or sponsorship. It isn’t easy to get an associated brand to sponsor or partner with you. It surely takes creative minds to eye that special segment so that brands can relate to your organization, event or reach the target audience. We are in the journey of being that special brand for mums and children and it is still a long way ahead.


EL: What is your message for Brands that sponsor?
RK: Sponsorship encourages organizers to go that extra mile in bringing the best of the curated experience. I would say – corporates or organizations need to look at events as a viable mode of connecting with their target audience and it can be something which can be explored and custom made according to your needs of the brand requirements. So along with print, online, radio or any other form of advertising, do consider events as interesting mode that can help you reach out to your audience.


EL: EventLinked is an online platform that helps Event Organizers reach out to interested Brands and raise event sponsorship money online.

What is your take on EventLinked?
RK: It is a good platform for event organizers to list their audience, however it will help the organizers only when they are able to get the audience through such mediums.
EL: Would you consider listing your event on EventLinked?
RK: For a large scale event, for which we require sponsorship, yes we could consider featuring and trying our hand in making it successful.


EL: What is your most memorable moment from an event and what makes it such?
RK: We organize a curated event initiative called Mum Talks. It has been of special interest as we bring interesting and inspiring moms to talk to a live audience. We are looking for sponsorship to help us bring more editions of Mum Talks. We have organized two of them and such events make us believe we are different and we will try harder to work this out. We are hopeful on making Mum Talks a niche concept and we do know we can scale up faster with sponsorship for such events.


Reshma Krishnamurthy can be reached via LinkedIn.
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