Interview: Sagar Podilapu

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Sagar Podilapu
Founder, Crikscore

Sagar Podilapu is the Founder of Crikscore – an app that helps record scores of local cricket matches. Prior to Crikscore, he worked as a Software Architect at Cerner Healthcare Systems and as Head of Technology at Wheelstreet Bike rentals. He also founded an education startup called Tutoslive. Incidentally, Team EventLinked (EL) caught up with him last weekend; on the final match day of The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.


EL: Please tell us about Crikscore.
SP: Crikscore is poised to be a cricket match app designed to help players form teams, play in tournaments, book grounds, record scores and track analytics. In short, the app is all for cricket. At present, we are in beta mode capturing the leaderboards at tournaments.


EL: How has Events, as a medium, helped your app?
SP: Cricket is a big ticketing event in Bangalore and there are so many tournaments being played every weekend. Our app forayed into the world of Cricket via such tournaments. Putting our learning together, we’ve made Crikscore a true event-oriented app; where people join, play, score, challenge any team or player.


EL: What are the challenges you face while attempting to make Crikscore present at preferred Events?
SP: The biggest problem I see here is the discovery of tournaments. We would be happy to be in as many tournaments as possible.

EL: What are the innovative ways in which you have engaged your target audience and increased visibility for CrikScore at events?
SP: At one tournament, we used a mic set. We not only announced the real-time score, but also got to recommend spectators to check more on the Crikscore app. That really helped us in getting more eyeballs to the app.


EL: Compared to other media, such as Print, Radio, TV, Online etc., what do you like about Events?
SP: Events give me the opportunity to directly interact with the players and explain to them how to use the app. Radio or Print might have more reach but for now we are more into testing the market and app for any enhancements.


EL: What changes do you wish to see in the Events space in India/ Bengaluru?
SP: More events have to be organised. More people should come forward to organise these cricket events and then that can help create a better cricketing community, better skills at playing cricket and more.


EL: What is your message for Sponsors and Event Organizers?
SP: Crikscore can gather people to events. All we need is a better way to organize it. The better the event, the more footfalls we will have.


EL: EventLinked is an online platform that helps Brands choose from hundreds of detailed event sponsorship proposals and identify right marketing opportunities; ones that are budget-friendly and ensure minimum spillovers.
What is your take on EventLinked?
SP: EventLinked helps people in discovering events and do what they like on a weekend. I see it as a good initiative for people like me who are looking for events discovery.


EL: Would you consider listing your brand on EventLinked as a potential sponsor/ event partner?
SP: Of course! Currently, Crikscore is sponsoring tournaments with mic sets for announcements and Man of the Match for the final match. We will be looking to sponsor the same for such cricketing events.


EL: What is your most memorable moment from an event and what makes it such?
There was a tournament at Charles Grounds and the crowd turned out real good. The matches were interesting and the crowd really liked the app. That made our day; in fact, the entire week!

Sagar Podilapu can be reached via LinkedIn.

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